Seminar 12: In Search of Spatial Practice

16th December 2009, 15:00 – 17:00. Crookesmoor Building, top seminar room, 4th floor

Open seminar with: Can Altay.

Can Altay is an artist who works in relation to architecture and the idea of the city. This seminar will be focusing on notions of spatial practice, discussed through a range of projects that had observed situations of counter-spatialization, fleeting forms of “working” the city; along with more propositional, process oriented architectural actions that took place in the realm of art. The key question will be whether the hierarchies that define work and practice as in and out of disciplinary formations can be surpassed, while maintaining issues of responsibility and agency.

Altay will also be discussing his recent curatorial work with Philipp Misselwitz where they looked into the fragmented and segregated urban condition especially in the Middle East and proposed possible models of working for architects and planners, beyond disciplinary confinement yet using knowledge from within the field. Their work resulted in the “refuge” exhibition as part of the International Architecture Biennial of Rotterdam 2009.

Optional Reading:

Lefebvre, H. “Spectral Analysis” and “Right to the City” from Writings on Cities. Blackwell, 1996.
Guattari, F. “The Object of Ecosophy” from ECO-TEC (ed. A. Marras). Princeton Architectural Press, 1999.
Latour, B. “Making Things Public” from Making Things Public (eds. B.Latour and P.Weibel). MIT Press, 2005.
Altay, C. and D. Altay “Counter-Spatialization of Power in Istanbul” from Urban Makers (ed. E. Guidi) bbooks, 2008.



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