Seminar 14: Protest and Propose: pressing conversations around research and action


 3:15pm, Wednesday 9th February 2011, Seminar room 1

Open seminar with Micropolitics Research Group

‘Crisis’, ‘Austerity’, ‘Workfare’, ‘Big Society’, ‘Security’: these are just a few key words characterizing the present political moment in the UK and beyond. Recent top-down attack to higher education, the arts and the cultural public sector have made us aware of the real implications of such abstract propositions. In this session Manuela Zechner, Valeria Graziano and Mara Ferreri, from the Micropolitics Reseach Group will be exploring some of the recent processes of collective organisation that they instigated by a wider coalition they’re part of, the Precarious Workers Brigade, based in London. The workshop will be an occasion to reflect on recent social struggles connected with the production of knowledge, the creation of spaces of solidarity and possibilities of collective political subjectivation, action and research in the current climate of mounting social inequality.

Edited transcription of seminar can be downloaded here: Micropolitics Research Group Edited Transcript 2011

Suggested readings:
Colectivo Situaciones translated by Sebastian Touza and Nate Holdren ‘Something More on Research Militancy: Footnotes on Procedures and (In)Decisions’ Volume 5(4): 602-614 ephemera Theory and Politics in Organization, 2005

Colectivo Situaciones Translated by Sebastian Touza ‘On the Researcher-Militant’ September 2003






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