Seminar 16 : Creative Uses of Derelict Urban Land

with Kerry Morrison

Wednesday 6th April, 3pm
Seminar Rm 1, Crookesmoor Building, University of Sheffield

*** All Welcome ***


Kerry Morrison is a PhD research student at Salford University and has 18 years of professional experience as an environmental artist. She works within the public realm creating temporary and permanent landscape interventions and happenings in response to environmental issues within a given locale.

Over recent years she has developed a transdisciplinary practice to design and deliver projects that challenge preconceptions of what designated green infrastructures in urban areas should look like and contain. Since 2006 she has been investigating Brownfield sites and the importance of biodiverse Brownfields for the health and well being of people and wildlife. Working in and with communities, and in and with land, she has developed a dialogic practice that encourages community participation and removes didactic approaches. Over the course of this work she has begun to developed ideas for a site evaluation tool for derelict land and Brownfield sites in urban areas. The tool will highlight
site-specific and location-specific issues and concerns in order to identify opportunities for ethical interim treatment that is of benefit to nearby communities and ecosystem services.


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