Practice-based and Embedded Research with Jon Orlek & Helen Stratford

March 7th 2022, 6-8 pm (UK time) – online

This seminar brings together close friends and recent graduates of the Lines of Flight group to a joint discussion around how we operate as practice-based and/or embedded researchers. 

Many of us within this seminar group approach our research through one or both of these lenses. Some of us embed ourselves within organisations, institutions and communities whilst carrying out research as critical friends. Others are engaged in a reflexive process, where the practice itself (spatial, artistic, pedagogic) is the focus of our research. This can be both incredibly enriching on a personal and practice basis, but it comes with complexity in the blurring of boundaries between research and practice. This seminar aims to help us position ourselves as researchers in this space, to share experiences, reflections and ideas for how to negotiate its complexity.

What are the differences and commonalities between practice-based and embedded research? 

How can we manage the multiple identities and roles we perform in our practice-based research?

What methods and tools can help us when doing this form of research?

Jon OrlekSheffield Hallam University / Studio Polpo / Plant Embedded Research Network

Jon is an architectural researcher and practitioner, interested in the intersections between art, architecture, and ethnographic research. His research is concerned with artist-led organisations and spaces, critical spatial practices, embedded research methods, and collective forms of housing.

Helen Stratford – Sheffield Hallam University / LoF Alumni /

Helen is a socially engaged artist with a background in architecture. Working with performative workshops, site-specific interventions, video, speculative writing and discursive platforms, her practice searches for modalities that expand architectural conventions.

If you wish to attend please Email linesofflight.ssoa (at) gmail (dot) com for link

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  1. Hello,

    I’d love to come along next week please! (Ha ha- teaching and researching with these guys and still can’t get enough!)

    Looking forward to seeing you


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