Lines of flight is a space that brings together the intersections, crossings and weaving of the spatial research and practice of its members. It serves as a place for sharing knowledge, initiating discussions between ourselves and others, and leaves traces as a diary and archive.

Lines of Flight is situated within  the PhD programme of the Sheffield School of Architecture and the research group Design Engagement and Practice, which focuses on Transformative Research into Architectural Practice and Education. We have been gathered together through Doina Petrescu’s mentorship, and extend out into the world through our collaborations, practices and localities.

Since its beginnings 10 years ago, there have been numerous iterations of the group and of the website. In this current iteration, this website is intended to be an repository of the material and events produced by the Lines of Flight research group, network of relations, archive of group members and activities.


Lines of Flight is an exploration of concepts by researchers and invited contributors that are gathered in this website, which is best navigated through the index (alphabetical or chronological), themes or categories:


We apply and encourage a feminist politics of citation that values non-academic references and situeted, territorial and practice-based epistemic validations. All content available on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International Licence unless otherwise specified.

The 2021-2022 iteration of Lines of Flights group is:

Alex Axinte   Ana Mendez de Andes  Andrew Belfield   Deniz Kesici  Doina Petrescu   Esra Can   Iulia Hurducas  Jakleen Al-Dalal’a   Katharina Moebus   Lara Scharf  Maria Alexandrescu  Thomas Moore


Andreas Lang   Amr Yaghi   Carl Fraser   Carolyn Butterworth   Cathryn Klasto  Fabio Franz  Helen Stratford   Julia Udall   Kim Trogal   Nicola Antaki   Nishat Awan   Phillip Langley   Pouyan Akbari  Sam Vardy  Supreeya Wungpatcharapon

Get in touch

Email: linesofflight.ssoa (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @LoF_SSOA

Instagram: linesofflight.ssoa

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