Deniz Kesici

Following a B. Arch and M. Arch degree in Ankara, Turkey, I have started my PhD research in the University of Sheffield in 2017.

My research investigates how the users/inhabitants of the cities re-appropriate public spaces in accordance with their social, spatial, political, economic and ecological needs and motives by transgressing into imposed/intended agenda of the authorities; such as governments, municipalities and scientific experts who impose ‘ways of living’ to public spaces and expect ‘everyday practices’ of the users/inhabitants to conform their regulations on the built environments. In reference but also delineation to De Certeau’s ‘tactics’, in my research, the re-appropriation of public spaces are called as ‘spatio-tactical practices’ (STPs). Briefly, my research aims better understand the current practices in Kizilay, Ankara by testing related socio-spatial theories through qualitative methodology based on ethnographic, auto-ethnographic methods and the notion of ‘spatio-tactical practices’.