Nishat Awan:
Counter-cartographies of a diasporic urbanism.pdf
[copyright: University of Sheffield, 2006]

Marginal Spaces: constructing other[ing] home.pdf

[copyright: University of Sheffield, 2004]

Words and Objects.pdf
[copyright: Cambridge University Press, 2008]

Kim Trogal:
Affective Urban Practices Mphil Upgrade Paper
[copyright: University of Sheffield, 2009]

Published essay: Altering Practices, 2007]
[copyright: University of Sheffield, 2003]

Supreeya Wungpatcharapon:
The roles of informal community networks in public participation the case of Thailand
[paper presented at UPE8, Germany- March, 2009]

Sam Vardy:
Tactics of Selforganisation
[Published paper, copyright Cambridge University Press 2009]
Self-organised Architecture Upgrade
[Mphil/PhD uprade paper, copyright University of Sheffield 2010]
The Creative Survey Butterworth Vardy
[Published paper, Field Journal 2008]

Julia Udall:

Locating and building knowledges outside of the academy: Approaches to ‘engaged’ teaching at the University of Sheffield’ in Teaching in Higher Education (with David Forrest and Katie Stewart) (2015).

The Diverse Economies of Participation, [Holder, A, Udall, J, 2013,in Krivý, M and Kaminer, T Ed. Footprint, Issue 13 The Participatory Turn in Urbanism (Delft, Autumn, 2013), see paper]

Exploring Common Grounds: Exploring methodologies for researching architecture and the built environment [Holder, A & Udall, J)

‘Taking Control: Case Studies of Collectively Conceived and Produced Community Facilities’ Cerulli, C. & Udall, J. eds., 2011, Sheffield: Antenna Press (forthcoming.).

‘Making Portland works’ in Tyszczuk, R., Smith, J., Clark, N., Butcher M., (eds.) ATLAS: Geography Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World (London: Black Dog Publishing, 2012

‘Re-imagining Portland Works’
[Cerulli, C. & Udall, J., 2011, Sheffield: Antenna Press. ISBN: 1908441003]

‘Distinctive Sharrow’,
[Chapter in Atelier d´Architecture Autogeree (eds.) – Urban Act: handbook for alternative practice and research in the city
(aaa-peprav, 2007), ISBN:978-2-9530751-0-6]
‘Opposing practices: Making claims to the ‘Works’ in a post-industrialised northern English city’
[in Doina Petrescu, Constantin Petcou, Nishat Awan (eds.) Trans Local Act, Cultural Practices Within and Across (aaa- peprav , 2011), ISBN: 978-2-9530751-13]

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